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Miracle weight loss - pills, herbs, foods, etc.

Eating right and exercising is necessary for losing weight, but sometimes it may not be enough. Nutritional deficiencies, hormones, neurotransmitter levels and numerous other factors can impact your ability to shed pounds. For this purpose, many people turn to certain foods and supplements for a boost. Here are some of the most effective ones available.


This supplement, which is derived from the plant Griffonia simplicifolia, is well-known as a natural antidepressant and mood booster. However, it is has also become very popular for weight loss. 5-HTP increases levels of serotonin in your brain. This neurotransmitter is heavily involved in satiety and contentment, which can help control your appetite and prevent compulsive snacking.


With all of the negative health effects caused by sugar and chemical sweeteners, people are looking for a better way to indulge their sweet tooth. Stevia, and ancient herb from South America, possesses leaves that are sweeter than sugar. Extracts of this herb can be used in the same way as sugar to sweeten tea, coffee and desserts. What makes stevia ideal for weight loss is that it contains zero calories and has no negative impact on blood sugar.

Cod Liver Oil

Modern processes in animal agriculture, while efficient, have unfortunately stripped the commercial food chain of some nutrients. Vitamin A, better known as retinol, is one of these, and it can only be acquired from animal products. While some people are able to convert beta carotene, a precursor, into retinol, most folks don't have the genes for it. As a result, they are vitamin A deficient. Because retinol is needed for proper hormone production, and hormones affect your ability to lose weight, it's recommended to take a supplement. Cod liver oil is the most popular source of this nutrient.


Oats are more than just a delicious breakfast. They also contain lots of fiber to fill you up and complex carbs to give you energy. Starting your day with some oatmeal can prevent late morning energy crashed and keep your appetite at bay until lunch. Furthermore, natural substances found in oats unlock enzymatically bound sex hormones, freeing them up for use by your body. This means more energy, improved stamina and a faster metabolism. Try to use steel-cut oats as these contain more of the beneficial properties.

B Complex

B vitamins serve a number of critical functions in your body including nervous system maintenance, metabolism, cardiac function and energy production. Each of these systems play into your ability to lose weight. Unless you already take great care with your diet, you're likely to be deficient in one or more of the B vitamins. Choosing a quality B complex supplement can correct the problem and supercharge your weight loss.

Protein Powders

If you're a busy person, you might not have the time to make a wholesome breakfast from scratch every morning. However, it's still important that you have something. Protein powders come in many flavors, and they can also be blended with a variety of ingredients to create a nutritious and tasty meal replacement shake. This will support a fast metabolism while still being quick and healthy.

With so many inexpensive and effective options, losing weight doesn't need to be a struggle. A few simple additions to your daily routine can have you shopping for a new wardrobe in no time. Go ahead and browse around a bit the MiracleWeightLoss.com online store and we are sure you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for! -

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